Clients: Luca Loschi - Fabio Verdelli Design/Product: BABY SCOOTER Year: 2013/2014 First Stage Design typology: redesign of an existing product, a baby scooter for the ages between three and six, with the aim to improve aesthetic features, safety, stability and to optimize assembly. Given the producer’s request to maintain the current metallic structure and the packaging as much as possible, the redesign mostly involved the plastic shells. Second Stage The design was based on a study of the structure frame and an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the existing shells. Afterward, the designer’s aesthetic-stylistic study was applied in a 3D model, all the while considering a variety of aspects such as productibility, ease-of-use and current regulations. After creating a study prototype and verifying that the established objectives had been reached, we were able to adjust certain details and, specifically, a number of strategic ideas allowed us to improve aspects of assembly, both in terms of the production phase as well as for the assembly/regulation on the part of the final user. Other ideas allowed for the creation of a system for the operation of the LED lights that can be turned on and off by applying foot pressure on the button located on the upper shell. Another step was to ensure that the object was compatible with the packaging supplied by the client. This involved a further revision of certain components to make them more suitable to the existing box. Finally, close attention was paid to studying the housing of the electronic boards with the LEDS and their respective semi-transparent covering shells that are positioned on the side. This study permitted us to find a solution that would allow the designers to obtain the desired aesthetic effect while simultaneously speeding up and facilitating the assembly process and further eliminating the need for certain screws.