Clients: Luca Loschi - Fabio Verdelli Design/Product: BEACH CHAIR Year: 2013 First Stage Design typology: Design of the frame and plastic shells of a beach chair. Second Stage The primary problems and opportunities for improvement were identified following an evaluation of the structure of an existing prototype made by the manufacturer using recommendations from the designers, and the subsequent analysis of the surface mathematics by the designers themselves. We proceeded to reshape the body and to correct the distances among the various parts in order to resolve the minor problems of interference and to improve the overall kinematics of the beach chair without losing sight of the limitations in terms of shape that had been established by the manufacturer. Then we moved on to the redesign of the plastic components, such as the base legs, external shell and the incline system, in order to make them more compatible both to the production methods as well as to the modifications carried out on the frame. The incline system, which is made of the armrest and the back that are locked together by two supporting tubes on the frame, required further study in order to arrive at a solution that would be both functional as well as harmonious with the aesthetic line of the object. We carried out an analysis of the systems on the market and were able to construct the two components in accordance with the positions of incline requested. The front legs were devised out of a combination of the necessity to have a supporting base and the resolution of the the inability to bend the forward tubes (due to its circular section) following the desired arc as it is too narrow. We decided to insert the leg within the very area of its hypothetical curvature, thus focusing our design on the piece itself.