Client: FERPLAST S.p.A. Design/Product: OUTDOOR DOGHOUSE Year: 2012 First Stage Design typology: Design of an outdoor doghouse with qualities of high resistance, portability, stackability and easy assembly. This doghouse is to be produced in a variety of dimensions in order to accommodate the most common sizes of dogs. Second Stage Upon receiving the brief from the client along with a number of manual renderings made by the designer charged with studying aesthetic recommendations, the project began by analyzing the various elements in the client’s ideas and requests that were compatible with the aesthetic suggestions. Considerable effort was put into rendering the object capable of being dismantled and reassembled without sacrificing quality; the objective was to lower storage costs and to make the product easier and more economical to transport. Once the base volumes were obtained, modified and updated according to client specifications it was possible to implement a water drainage system composed of a dedicated slot that allows water to flow outwards. It was then possible to design an aluminum profile around the entranceway to protect it from damage caused by biting or chewing. Further study led to the creation of an unlocking system on one of the sidewalls that allows it to be used as a platform; this system has been patented. An accessory kit was designed along with the doghouse that includes lining panels that can be applied in the interior to provide an extra layer of protection. As a final step, all of the above-mentioned solutions have been developed in order to fit the most common sizes of dogs.