Client: GLOBAL GARDEN PRODUCTS – GGP Italy S.p.A Design/Product: ELECTRIC LAWN MOWER Year: 2011 First Stage Project typology: design of a new line of electric and battery-operated lawn mowers for the gardening products market. The project foresaw the creation of a line of one battery-operated and three electric lawn mowers. Each model to be studied in two different style variations. Second Stage The design came out of an analysis of the aesthetic surfaces that were modelled by the designer using Rhinoceros software. These models were then redesigned in order to make them feasible for production and to adapt them to the norms that regulate the design of the components that constitute a product of this kind. The various models (8 in total) were dimensioned and balanced in correlation with their stylistic language. Each version involved the redesigning of the slots for the bag according to current regulations, the study of the internal reinforcements necessary to make the body structural, as well as the reconstruction of the mechanisms for raising and lowering the lawn mower blade. A further study was necessary to design the grip joints, which allowed for the product to be hung on the wall to occupy less space. Following the engineering phase a prototype phase was carried out in order to stress-test the product.