Client: FERPLAST S.p.A. Design/Product: FLEXIBLE DOG HARNESS WITH MICRO-REGULATING SYSTEM Year: 2013-2014 First Stage Design typology: Design of a techno-rubber dog harness compatible with the regulating system currently used in other catalog models. Second Stage The open briefing provided by the client called for research into solutions for a techno-rubber harness suitable for a variety of dog sizes as well as capable of taking advantage of the micro-regulating system used in other products in the client’s catalog. The study began by creating a concise and flexible design platform that allowed the studio to manage the input that would arrive throughout the project’s development from constant dialogue with the personnel of the client company, who were analyzing and testing the proposed solutions in parallel. Once the aesthetic component was defined, an intermediate base size decided upon and a pilot mold created, the proportions of the various sizes were reshaped and corrected and an entire set of harnesses was manufactured.