Client: VBM – Vibiemme S.r.l Design/Product: PROFESSIONAL COFFEE MACHINE Year: 2014/2016 First Stage Project typology: design of the frame, the covers and the aesthetic components of a professional coffee machine. The project foresaw the creation of modular-based components, in order to allow the assembly of three versions of the machine, depending by the required numbers of provision groups. Second Stage After the analysis of the aesthetic surfaces that were modelled by the designer, it was conceived a system by which the interaction of common components and some connecting components, was possible to assembly three different version of the machine depending by the desired numbers of provision groups, allowing a significant reduction of the production cost. Subsequently, after the definition of the aesthetic component, it has been studied the frame with the function of ensuring the necessary structure (also in the packaging and transport phase) and the easy fastening of all the components. Further consideration were then dedicated to improve the direct use components, such as the regulation handles, the filterholder handles and the grids. For the latter it has been realized a junction system that makes much easier the washing in the dishwasher. The collaboration born with the company designer, the team responsible for the interior components and the aesthetic designer, had permitted the meticulous regulation of every little detail also through the analysis of the aesthetic mock-ups and prototipes realized during the several design phases.