Utmost professionalism, availability and promptness in developing high-quality solutions. These are the advantages that a company enjoys when entering into professional collaboration with the studio.


Collaboration and side-by-side planning projects for studios to study technical solutions that are in line with the aesthetics proposed by the designers. This ensures added value that aims to improve the industrialization phase of the final product. Furthermore, my considerable experience in optimizing and regenerating surfaces into Class A is an extra benefit for the product.



Complete design process from planning sketches and/or initial studies carried out by the designer until the finished product utilizing Unigraphics NX parametric 3D modeling software.
Optimization and regeneration of volumes for the development of Class A surfaces suitable for the industrialization of the final product;
study of potentially patentable innovative technical-mechanical solutions;
restyling or redesigning of existing products, both for functionality as well as for reduction in manufacturing costs;
realization of aesthetic surfaces with applied mathematic parametrics in cases with articles with different dimensional versions; F.E.M calculation principles, (Finite Element Method) which allows for the understanding of the behavior of structural elements under stress. It is a fundamental tool for virtual prototyping and is essential in limiting the need to carry out numerous physical prototypes for real tests and for reducing the time necessary to achieve an optimal product.
Prototyping: close collaboration with companies specialized in the development of aesthetic and functional prototypes permits the studio to assist the client in following the production of models created ad hoc on the basis of their needs.


Possibility for direct, side-by-side collaboration with personnel within the company for development and design operations;

Reverse Engineering

Collecting of CAD calculations of an existing object (prototype, mold,...) via 3D scanning in order to obtain a cloud of volumetric points from which to work;

Mold design

Creation of CAD calculations optimized for the molding of the final product.