Client: FERPLAST S.p.A. Design/Product: “SWING 7” Cat Flap Year: 2012-2013 First Stage Design typology: technological improvement of an existing FERPLAST product: a pet door for the coming and going of small-sized pets. The new product would include an internal sensor capable of reading the pet’s microchip in order to limit access to that animal only. Second Stage The design is based on the study of the three-dimensional mathematics of the existing FERPLAST product. These mathematics were reevaluated and redesigned from an aesthetic perspective in order to adapt them to the new technical encumbrances of the internal electronic components. The stylistic language of “Swing 7” fully adheres to the style of the existing product and differs only in terms of its dimensions. The new version of the “Swing 7” includes a compartment for the battery (standard type as opposed to lithium in order to limit costs) and a new, specially designed mechanism for the opening and closing of the doorway, which is electronically operated via sensors. The design is patent-protected.